General email settings.

Plesk general email settings for your mail program.

Username or Account ID: [email protected]
Password: As you set it when adding the account to plesk.

Incoming/POP/IMAP server: mail.'*'
Outgoing/SMTP server: mail.'*'

* Where is replaced by your domain name for the email account.

Security settings:
My Outgoing server requires authentication (On), to use the same username and password as incoming mail server.
Use SSL (Off), this is not required.

Default Ports:
POP: 110
IMAP: 143
SMTP: 25 or 587

Note: Your server with Nimbus is capable of being used as a basic mail server, but the ongoing battle between spam management, hacking and blacklisting means that Office 365 and Google Apps are the go-to platforms if email is critical to your business/site. Read more here.
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