Create and Manage a Database

Creating a Database through your plesk control panel is a quick and easy process, heres how:


1. Once logged into your Plesk control panel navigate to Subscriptions and Click on the domain you wish to have a database added to.


2. Under the domains management section Click on the Websites & Domains Tab.


3. Next click on the Databases button.


4. And hit Add New Database.


5. Fill in the Database name you would like to use, leaving the Type and Database server at the default settings and hit OK.


6. Now you will want to give it a Username and Password to connect to it so click on Add New Database User.


7. Fill in the Database user name and New password fields. Note it is good practice to make this a complex password using uppercase and lowercase letters with numbers and symbols thrown in to help prevent security compromises via the database.



8. That’s it, your database is ready for use. Fill in the connection details for the website to use it and away you go.




Managing the database via phpMyAdmin


1. Following the above steps 1,2 and 3 you will find your database name, click on the name to enter its properties. 


2. Finally click on Webadmin to open up phpMyAdmin in a new window.


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