Reboot Your Server

1. Your server details can be found in your Nimbus Client Area which you access via

2. Once logged in to your client area click on 'Services' -> 'My Services'.

Services - My Services

3. Click on the server you wish to reboot.

View Details

4. Click 'Management Acttions - Reboot Server.

Reboot Server Button


  • Use Reboot with caution - if the server is still processing data it can cause data losses/corruptions.
  • Make sure you only perform the reboot when the server/websites are completely unresponsive - this is the quivalent of pulling the plug out!
  • Do not click on reboot more than once - it will take a few minutes to perform the reboot. It is best to click reboot and wait 10 minutes to see if the sites/server comes back online.
  • If the time elapses and the server reboot isn't sucessful, our support team will get a notification. 

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