Change Subscription Owner on domain

Plesk is a powerful server management platform that can be used to allow clients access to their own sites, without granting them full admin access to your server. To do this, you just need to create them a Customer Account and assign that to the relevant subscription.

1. Login to Plesk

2. Click on Customers

3. Click on Add New Customer

4. Insert the customers details as specified, and untick 'Create Subscription for the Customer'.  Then click OK

5. Click on Subscriptions to go back to the domain list

6. Tick the radio button next to the subscription you are changing the ownership of, then click Change Subscriber

7. Click the radio button next to the customer we just created in step 4, then Next

8. Check the details, then click Finish

9. You'll now see in the list that the owner has been changed to the new customer. 
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