Adjust spam settings on a mailbox

Before using this guide, you'll need to enable spam filtering on your mailbox first. Please click here to view the guide. 


1. To adjust the anti spam filter on your mailbox, first login to Plesk, then go to Subscriptions - Click on the domain - then click on the Mail tab.


2. Click on the mailbox you would like to adjust the anti spam filter on.


Mailbox Selection


3. Click on the Spam Filter tab.


Spam Tab


4. Click on Show Advanced Settings - here you can manage sensitivity options, along with White List and Black List options. By reducing the Spam Filter Sensitivity number, you make it more sensitive to picking up spam (the mail needs a lower spam score to be filtered out of the inbox). If you're getting too much spam in your inbox, then lower this number, whereas if you are getting too much legitimate mail going into the spam filter, you can increase the number. 

You can also Whitelist email addresses/domains (make them be ignored by the filter) or Blacklist them (make ALL mail from the mailbox or domain go straight to the spam filter). To add an email address to either filter, just put in the FULL addres to the list, each on a seperate line. If you'd like to add an entire domain so that every mailbox is treated the same, you can do so using a wildcard e.g '*' would cover all mailboxes on the domain.  

Spam Filter - Advanced Options


6. Click 'OK' to save and finish.

Note: Your server with Nimbus is capable of being used as a basic mail server, but the ongoing battle between spam management, hacking and blacklisting means that Office 365 and Google Apps are the go-to platforms if email is critical to your business/site. Read more here.


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