Log in to Plesk

How to log into Plesk Onyx

1. Your Plesk Control Panel login details can be found in your Nimbus Client Area which you access Here.

2. Once logged in to Nimbus Client Area, click on Services > My Services

3. Here you will see a list of products and services you currently have with us. Click on the hostname of the Product/Service you are looking to log in to.

4. This will take you to the Manage Product page for the server. On this page you will find both the Plesk Panel login details as well as SSH login details to the server. Click the control panel link which will open a in a new window.

5. You may be presented with an SSL warning, this is okay to proceed through and add to your exceptions list.

6. On the log in screen fill in your username and password from screen shot 4

7. Now you are logged into your Plesk control panel.

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