Pointing a domain to your server

To get your domain hosting up and running you will need to add a DNS entry onto our Name Servers, we have a DNS Management panel for you to do this with. To access your DNS Management please log into https://youraccount.nimbushosting.co.uk/clientarea.php and follow the steps below.

1. Add the domain to our DNS system using the DNS management panel in your account. This is accessed via the Domains drop down on the menu bar above (Once logged in), then DNS Management



2. Next set your Default IP. You have 3 options, 1 is the Nimbus default holding page IP, 2 is one of your server IPs, 3 a custom IP i.e any IP you want. Save that and all new registrations and additions will go in with that IP. This can be changed at any time.



3. Now fill in the 'Add Domain to DNS' section where you enter the domain without the www. For instance, example.com instead of www.example.com. Hit Add Domain and this creates the default records to the default IP you set.



4. Finally get your domain changed on to our name servers for these DNS records to go live.


Our nameservers are:




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